Threat Hunting with a Remote Workforce

In the world of cybersecurity, adversaries and defenders are constantly trying to outmaneuver each other and gain strategic advantage.  For example, attackers are keenly aware that the shift to work-from-home has placed tremendous pressure on security teams and realize that now is the time to exploit potential infrastructure and security gaps caused by this transition. How can organizations strike back, stopping these new attacks that may be in their environment and identify new attacks in the future?

Intelligent Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting is a discipline used by security teams to proactively search for cyber threats that are lurking undetected in a network. To find these threats, effective threat hunting requires the ability and expertise to think like an attacker. What if you had your attackers playbook? If you know how they attack, their intent, their preferred tools and the cyber footprints they leave behind, you can gain critical advantage.

Threat intelligence helps threat hunters identify threats by providing insights into attackers’ latest tactics, techniques, and procedures. Once these have been identified, threat hunters will then look to discover if the attacker’s specific behaviors are found in their own environment. Threat hunters will also investigate attacks by leveraging known indicators of compromise (IOCs). These IOCs act as triggers that threat hunters use to uncover potential hidden attacks or ongoing malicious activity.  

By leveraging threat intelligence in the fight against the adversaries and proactively hunt for malicious activity in the environment, organizations can finally level the playing field and protect their most precious assets.


CrowdStrike is a pioneer in adversary analysis, tracking more than 140 cybercrime, espionage and hacktivist groups, studying their intent and analyzing their tradecraft. Our team of threat intelligence analysts, security researchers, cultural experts and linguists uncover unique threats and publish groundbreaking research.  CrowdStrike threat intelligence is available in three tiers:

FALCON X – Automatically investigate incidents and accelerate alert triage and response. Built into the Falcon platform, it is operational in seconds

FALCON X PREMIUM – Premium adds threat intelligence reporting and research from CrowdStrike experts — enabling you to hunt nation-state, eCrime and hacktivist attacks.

FALCON X ELITE – Elite expands your team with access to an intelligence analyst to help defend against threats targeting your organization.


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