Operational Security Testing

As corporate systems increase in size, complexity, and age, so does the potential for a security issue that creates unwanted exposure. TruSec offers a suite of operational security tests to assist your organization in finding these vulnerabilities so you can mitigate the risk before it becomes an incident. Whether you require testing for compliance purposes, or to further advance your information security posture, TruSec has a program that can help.

• Penetration Testing

• Vulnerability Assessments

• Cloud Security Testing

• Confidential Data Assessment

• Mobile & Web Application Testing

• Social Engineering Testing

• Wireless Network Penetration Testing

• Physical Security Red Team Assessment

• And many more…

Information Risk Assessment And IT Audit Services

All organizations handle data that is critical or sensitive, ranging from personal, financial, and product data to customer, brand, and intellectual property information. Any lapses or gaps in the information security program could be detrimental to the protection of these information assets. If your organization is required to comply with legal or regulatory requirements, an information security assessment will help you to identify any gaps, in preparation for the audit. If you want to know if your environment aligns to your policies, if you are questioning your security program’s effectiveness, have had major changes in the operating environment, or have undergone a significant structural change, an information security assessment may prove invaluable to keeping your security program on-strategy.

• IT Operations Security Compliance Assessment

• Information Risk Management Framework Assessment

• Information Security Program Assessment

• Incident Response / Business Resiliency Assessment

TruSec customizes each engagement to fully satisfy the legislative, regulatory, and industry requirement driving the assessment.TruSec can perform assessments and audits for various size organizations, from complex enterprises to small and medium businesses, as well multiple verticals with complex regulatory requirements.

Information Security Educational Seminars

“People are easier to hack than machines”. As IT operational security defenses become more sophisticated, hackers are turning to direct attacks on people within the organization: phishing, malware, phone scams, and even onsite breaches. Almost every data breach in the news today seems to start with a user clicking a link they shouldn’t have. Help your people defend confidential data by giving them the awareness they need to protect the organization when it matters most.

• Social Engineering Awareness

• Information Security Awareness

• Red Flag Training

• Privacy & Data Handling

• And many more…

Training is delivered onsite, and is customized to the audience: general staff, executive leadership, IT operations, and even the organizations’ clients.

Forensics And Incident Response

The prudent management of information risk is best executed from an executive voice. Information-centric organizations require effective and experienced leadership to align the information security program to strategy. Working in conjunction with an existing CISO, or taking on the role entirely, TruSec provides solutions and services that ensure your security strategy is comprehensive and robust.

TruSec can assist the organization in developing a multi-layer strategy to achieve compliance and drive down information risk. The proper application of technical controls, processes, and procedures, combined with quality metrics, allow visualization of the security posture over time, and are key components to successful risk management. The vCISO is ready implement specific control improvement processes or integrate entire risk management frameworks.

• Cloud Security Strategy

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Budget Management

• Compliance Audits

• Privacy

• Information Risk Management

• Information Security Operations

• Information Security Architecture

• Business Process Governance

• Business Resiliency & Security

• And much more…

Privacy Consulting

TruSec focuses its privacy/ security service delivery in these key operational areas:

• Security/Privacy Compliance and Risk Frameworks

• Risk/Impact Assessments and Benchmarking of Key Controls

• Budget Management

• Build Security/Privac y program business plans, budgets and roadmaps

• Incident/Breach Plan Development and Management

• Disaster Recovery and Business Continuit y Planning

• Security/Privac y focused Network and System Architecture Design

• Information Management/Privacy Awareness Training Program

• Virtual Security and Privacy Officer Services

• And much more…