SecureCircle arrives in Colombia to protect critical data, applying the innovative Zero Trust model

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Hand in hand with its business ally, the Latin American wholesale distributor Onistec; SecureCircle arrives in the country to help mitigate information leaks, securing corporate data in local and distributed infrastructures, during this time of new normality.

ScureCircle is a cybersecurity company, which dedicates its effort to research and offers data protection services, with which the gaps that can generate critical and valuable information leakage for organizations are mitigated. For this, it applies the Zero Trust model, which denotes a good practice, where it is taken into account not to trust the data to users. For “Zero Trust” to be effective, data is protected by default and not by exception.

However, traditional approaches to data security depend to a large extent on users cooperating in the security process, which obviously leaves considerable gaps that allow the violation of data and even data breach by sophisticated attacks and also of the Ransomware type, which threaten to publish the information they extract from the affected company.

The focus of Zero Trust data security is to remove users from the security process, doing it in an automated and transparent way for users. Here, the great challenge is to fulfill the promise, without affecting the normal work and the operation of the applications that are part of the daily work of companies.

“SecureCircle affirms its work through constant research, which in the hands of cybersecurity experts, can help companies protect business data, mitigate eventual gaps and also secure endpoints, to protect key information from companies, which represents the most valuable asset of the companies”, added Carlos Liendo, Regional Vice President of SecureCircle.

And he adds, “that is why we have come to Colombia to help companies and allow critical data in different industrial and commercial sectors to be protected without losing control over them, above all, to add value and protection in these moments of new normality, where work is no longer only concentrated in one point -the company-, but is also distributed in the employees’ homes”.

The powerful technology of SecureCircle can be widely applied without limitation of file or data type, data size or applications. This circumstance provides the possibility of implementing its solutions in multiple use cases, such as: source code protection, security for business applications under the software as a service (SaaS) scheme and protection of data generated by users of a company in different formats, such as: architectural designs, engineering drawings, video, word, Excel, pdf and more.

On the other hand, taking into account the approach of the innovative Zero Trust methodology; SecureCircle has chosen Onistec as its wholesale distributor in the country, a regional company that has extensive experience and a team trained to help understand these types of solutions and that contributes its recognized work to a wide network of channels throughout Latin America, specialized in Cybersecurity.

“We believe that data security is a key point that drives the business value of companies and their sustainability. End users can operate seamlessly, while data is continuously protected against internal or external threats and breaches. That is why we are very pleased to present SecureCircle in Colombia, a brand that knows very well how to protect data and that has a prestigious, quality and winning offer of solutions in the Cybersecurity sector, boosting business and the opportunity to move forward, in this disruptive time in which we find ourselves”, expressed Francisco José Odón, CEO and General Director of Onistec.

It is worth adding that SecureCircle provides Zero Trust Data Security solutions so that the security of all types of data has a guaranteed support and is under the highest standards of care, which allow its protection against the risks associated with the loss or leakage of information, among other types of sophisticated attacks, which will be very continuous over the next few years and which are increasingly critical for companies, and through which critical information is lost annually, also generating notable economic losses.

Finally, customers look to SecureCircle solutions because they have understood that in security processes, users cannot be the points of greatest commitment, and that it is key for every organization to protect its information without affecting the workflow and established processes of corporate applications. This reduces cost and complexity in the workflow, with simple data management. Also, a quick and easy deployment of them is obtained, which, as is well known, are protected and protected against any type of vulnerability, loss or advanced attack.

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