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Zero Trust: SecureCircle plus Endpoint Detection and Response

The Challenge‍ ‍ISCS obtains confidential information from their customers as part of the normal operations. The data could include business plans, detailed cost information, and intellectual property such as source code. ISCS wants to deploy a Zero Trust data security solution to demonstrate to customers’ their data is safe by preventing insider threats and securing […]
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Fal.Con 2020

Fal.Con 2020: Going Beyond Today’s Typical Virtual Event

Nine years ago, we built CrowdStrike in the cloud, pioneering new technologies and rocketing our way to the forefront of cybersecurity — and this year, we’re leading the industry again with Fal.Con 2020, now virtual. For our 4th annual CrowdStrike® Cybersecurity Conference, we’re going beyond the typical home-office-based conference to present an immersive, broadcast-quality special event with the […]
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The Ransomware Protection Solution

Ransomware continues to be a daily headline in the news. In the past week, we have seen Honda, CFO, and Microsoft. In 2019,the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 2,047 ransomware complaints, with losses over $8.9 million. To prevent ransomware from infecting an organization, deploy SecureCircle and an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution such […]
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