Achieve a higher growth opportunity for your business by becoming an Onistec partner. You'll have a solution for each of your customers' needs - creating an opportunity for you to own more of their IT Security budget.


As an Onistec partner, you will be our top priority. By joining our Partner Program you gain access to the highest level of Professional and Consulting Service as well as the industry Best-of-Breed security solutions.


We understand that not all partners have the same needs and operate their businesses in a similar way. This is why we have crafted our partner program to meet your individual business needs while offering the highest service to your organization, with a dedicated and professional team that will focus on getting to know you and your business, offering you support every step of the way.




We make it easy, we make it profitable!


Partner with us and you’ll get many value-added benefits. Onistec’s Partner Program centers on rewarding you for performance and skills investment. It provides ample and consistent structure for aggressively competitive margins, sales incentives, MDF programs and gives you the support you need to grow your business.


As you increase your commitment and investment in the program, you will progress to higher levels and earn incremental benefits that are geared towards increasing success rate with your sales opportunities.

Onistec Partner Program extended benefits provide additional incentives, rewards, sales and marketing programs to help you achieve your business growth objectives. Access to competitive information, sales promos, not-for-resale licenses, deal registration protection, training, and numerous other benefits comprise our comprehensive Partner Program.

Sales & Marketing


• Aggressively competitive margins


• Sales Incentives & rewards


• MDF Programs


• Sales end-user promotions


• Sales & Marketing program development


• Access to competitive information


• Deal protection of opportunities registered and qualified


• Vendor’s Logos authorization for publication and usage in own materials


• Co-branding opportunities


• Frequent communications


Support & Training


• Not-For-Resale licenses


• Technical pre-sales support


• Access to Knowledge base DBs


• Access to live Tech Support


• Web and Onsite hands-on training for sales and technical pre-sales


• Invites to partner and vendor events


• Technical Account Manager (TAM) for strategic  accounts


•Security Alerts and industry best practices


Our Channel Team is committed to helping you every step of the way. Go to our partner application form to apply today and become a partner member. We will review your application and contact you within 24 hours with the necessary process and information to complete your registration process and approval.


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